Stanhope & Clark provide


Custom designed, sample topics are:

  • Beginning, intermediate and advanced mediation training
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
  • Documenting Discipline
  • Conscious Communication
  • Leadership at All Levels


Mediation would include, but is not limited to:

  • 2 one-and-a-half hour pre-mediation meetings with each party
  • Pre-mediation meetings focus on coaching parties to understanding more fully what they need and to explore the options for resolution.
  • 6-hour mediation with a lunch break.

We also teach a 16-week mediation class at the Santa Fe Community College every fall semester.


Custom designed, sample topic are:.

  • Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced Mediation training
  • Dealing with Difficult People and Situations
  • Documenting Discipline
  • Conscious Communication
  • Leadership at All Levels

Workshops are generally planned as two half days, or 1-3 days.


Custom built and, in general, would include:

  • One hour staff wide interviews
  • Leadership and staff assessments
  • Delivery of retreat; generally 1 or 2 days
  • Aggregate and recommendation reports

Individual Professional Coaching

If you’re stuck, we’ll help you with the tools to identify what’s keeping you stuck. Because sometimes people find themselves working in a way or for a place they’d rather not be. We help them figure out how to fit in, move on, or lead change.

  • 1.5 hour sessions
  • Based in the IFC (International Coaching Federation) philosophy
  • Can include assessments, evaluations, and other tools
  • All designed to guide, support, encourage and create accountability.

What is Mediation?

It is a common misconception that Mediation is a process that is only managed by a court.

Mediation is a cost effective and successful way to deal with an issue PRIOR to any court associated actions.

Mediation is a method of conflict resolution that is carried out by a neutral intermediary who works with the disputing parties to help them improve their communication and their analysis of the situation, so that the parties can themselves identify and choose an option for resolving the conflict that meets the interests or needs of all of the disputants.

Unlike arbitration, where the intermediary listens to the arguments of both sides and makes a decision for the disputants, a mediator will help the disputants design a solution themselves.

Our Mediation Experience

Anne and Kelly collectively have 20 years of mediation experience.

Using transformative, evaluative, and facilitative approaches, they have mediated a vast spectrum of topics from employment, civil suits, workplace, juvenile restorative justice, individual, and family.

They have worked with a vast spectrum of people as well, private individuals, unions, attorneys, supervisors, employers, and contractors. They are currently developing a mediator program for a NM State agency dealing with complex employment disputes.

Organizational Behavior and Development

Organizational cultures don’t develop overnight. Nor do they change simply because we want them to. Shifting the culture of an organization is hard, scary and is definitely not the responsibility of a single person. But when organizations become purposeful about regenerating their culture, amazing things happen.

Stanhope & Clark uses the principles of transformational communication and the fundamentals of conflict management in our work with clients. This means helping each person understand their relationship to the whole, and change their view of themselves and each other.

This, in turn, helps organizations become purposeful – where each individual’s unique insights and contributions are recognized, valued and incorporated into the goals of the whole. A healthy, growing culture like this embraces differences in opinion because they lead to innovative solutions.

Let us help you build a bridge between diverse needs and perspectives and lead your business to lasting behavioral change. Our assessments, trainings and retreats help identify underlying issues and shift the professional culture away from destructive conflict, or worse – indifference and stagnation – to one of purpose and engagement.

These services include:

  • Assessments – Organization-wide and individual staff, analysis of opportunities, threats, strengths and weaknesses
  • Coaching – Leadership team development and individual employees
  • Retreats and trainings – built to address your specific needs
  • Communication Skill Building – for the multi media real world, problem solving, group goal setting and relationship building.