Learn to overturn your resistance to change

Stanhope & Clark, stanhopeandclark.com, now offers specialized professional and personal coaching in breaking through roadblocks for organizations and individuals. Using the approach pioneered by Kegan & Lahey and detailed in their book, “Immunity to Change,” we are helping people and their organizations finally make the changes they already know they need but have not been able to accomplish. This systematic approach is based on the brain’s lifelong capacity for adaptability to create new ways of interacting and reacting.

Transformations in behavior and attitudes appear miraculous, yet are easily replicable in practice and explainable through brain and behavioral science. For more info – https://experiencelife.com/article/how-to-overcome-immunity-to-change/

Both Anne deLain Clark and Kelly Stanhope of Stanhope & Clark have experienced the transformative power of this process, and Ms. Stanhope has received direct training from Kegan and Lahey in effectively coaching others through it.