Gratitudes & Credits

We are deeply grateful to the key individuals who have contributed to our website and marketing materials. Without their help and professional dedication, we would still be wandering around in clouded confusion on how to present ourselves and our services to the greater world. It all started with finding a clear visioned website designer, Karen Rand, who helped us to hone in on our overall presentation vision. We did have a concept for a signature metaphor, which the graphic artist Frank Wechsler brilliantly brought to life – and is now awaiting our discovery of its perfect debut space. Then we waded through our stack of material to find our written content, until we thought, “Why are we sinking in quicksand, when we could just engage Kelly Koepke?” – a true miracle of relief! Now we could narrow our own focus on how it was coming together as a whole and finding images to illustrate our ideas. The resulting image content is a combination of stock photography, our own photo creations, and the amazingly beautiful “Moon Bridge” of Taiwan by Stephen Yang.


Website Design – Karen Rand

We found Karen through her work on other websites. Karen enjoys collaborating with blossoming businesses and helping them create effective and engaging websites. Drawing inspiration from travel, she has learned that communication can take place in many forms using that as a foundation for her  design and marketing work. You can see some of her additional design and marketing work at

Writing – Kelly Koepke

Kelly Koepke is a joy to work with! She took a jumble of material that we, over many years, had accumulated and pieced together for various needs and turned it into something so much more. With humor and panache, she saw through our sometimes pedantic rhetoric to find the underlying engaging stories that are now the basis of our website and marketing materials. We were feeling overwhelmed – lost in the weeds – THANK YOU Kelly for helping us find a clear path!  

Homepage Signature Image – Stephen Yang

As the site began to blossom, we realized we were more drawn to photographs for our illustrations and thought a bridge to be our ideal metaphor. After giving up on finding our perfect bridge through stock photography sites, we did a general web search, and found Stephen Yang’s “Moon Bridge” on Flickr. Alas, there appeared to be no way to purchase the image usage rights, so we took the chance that the photographer keeps curremt with his fans’ feedback and posted our request in the comments section for the photo  Our “chance” led to an almost immediate email response from Stephen wanting to know more about us and how we wished to use his image. Continued correspondence led to Anne and Stephen becoming friends on Facebook, and Stephen giving us the right to use his image on our site. We hope you will enjoy his stunning photography on Facebook and here on our Home page.

Stock Images –


Other Images –